I supply and install a variety of hardy aquatic plants. When constructing a new pool, it is hugely expensive to go and purchase plants from your local retailer. I supply plants bare rooted, straight from the ground, in large numbers, specifically for the purpose of gaining good coverage on new lakes. This service is popular and seasonal. I have my own sites where I grow and harvest hardy marginal plants of most kinds, and can advise on planting schemes to best suit your site.

I install the plants myself, ensuring great results. Planting properly makes new pools look mature so much faster. Avoid looking like an overfished hole in the ground. Plants make a big difference.

Having personally planted over a hundred acres of aquatic plants in the last decade, and knowing how expensive they are from retailers, I now supply a range of tough marginal plants for waterways and fisheries.
These are not bought in from a third party, I grow them myself at various sites I have in the Cotswolds.

I have acres of wetland to crop good quality plants from, and can transform a bare new lake into something to be proud of in no time.

Different planting schemes compliment different situations, and I have been praised for creative design in the past.
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